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collaborative, innovative techniques

effusive results

our services

at jpjohnson we pride ourselves on understanding the total project. it’s not just about the actual building of the structure. it starts with the pre-construction phase and only ends when the client takes the keys to the property.

these services include:

- pre construction 

- new build

- extension

- planning and support

- safety and risk management

- sustainability analysis

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our approach

at jpjohnson, we work in a collaborative team environment using innovative techniques to ensure we deliver the most effective projects. we have always adopted best practice approaches and the outcomes speak for themselves.


our experience tells us that there will always be challenges that arise during a building project. however our pro-active approach means we can solve those challenges before they have a negative impact on the project. 


over the last 10 years, jpjohnson has completed a wide variety of projects including residential houses, terrace housing, office interiors, light commercial factories, shop-fit outs and remodification work for housing new zealand. 

we adopt best practice project management approaches and we are licensed building practitioners. 

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